Disaster Relief Fund for PAYS Organization in Portsmouth Dominica


With hard work, 50 mooring blocks are currently in place in Dominica and they are almost ready for use. But more importantly, the island, people and economy of Dominica have been ravaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Without your help, our friends and the island of Dominica will take decades to recover -- if at all.

We are asking those who are in a position to help our island friends to contribute to the relief effort. This will help those who make our visit possible to have access to water, food and electricity -- the basic essentials of life. And once their needs are met and they are back on their feet, we can once again focus upon building the mooring fields.

Moorings in Dominica

Our last big mooring field task is acquiring and installing the new mooring buoys that will withstand the weather. The new mooring buoys are being made by the Gilman Corporation in Gilman, CT. They are the same type of buoys used by the Jamestown Boat Yard in Jamestown, RI. The buoys including numbers and "PAYS" written on the side.

I visited the the buoy factory this past summer and they kindly extended a very attractive bulk, wholesale price to complete the first mooring field in Dominica. The new buoys are guaranteed to last for 12 years. Once manufactured, we need to transport them to Miami and ship them via boat to Dominica to be installed by the New Year.

However, we need your help to finalize this dream. We are seeking contributions to complete the last phase of this project.

To help in this effort Offshore Passage Opportunities has donated $2,500 to help complete this important project. Two other OPO members also made unsolicited contributions. The current funds raised are available, in real-time on our site's home page.

Once we receive sufficient funds for the manufacturing and shipping of the buoys and the replacement moorings, we will stop collecting. Importantly, our Board of Trustees will keep track of every donor and every penny.

We hope you will contribute!