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Hampton, VA
St Maarten
Privilege 50' Cat

OPO Crew Request # 24-71 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a 2017 Privilege 5...

11/10/2024 from Hampton, VA to St Maarten on a Privilege 50' Cat

OPO Crew Request # 24-71 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a 2017 Privilege 50’ Catamaran named XXXXXX. He is looking for three crew to join him for an up-to two-week offshore passage. He lives in Austin, TX and keeps the cat near Annapolis, MD. His plan is to depart from the Salt Ponds Marina in Hampton, VA on or around November 1st (or the safest weather window to follow). I have met him in person, after his last two passages from the states to St Maarten. He and OPO members made the journey the last two years in 2022 (9 days) and 2023 (10 days). He wrote the following: “This is for a one-way passage. He would like three additional crew mates (with a safe sense of humor!) with long ocean passage experience for this fun and exciting “mission”. Insurance will ask if multi day passage experience and they prefer larger vessel and/or catamaran experience (although not required). He is a professional aviator with multiple jet type ratings, owner of an aviation management company (highly technical and runs a tight ship), flight instructor (loves to learn and teach) and has been a seaman since before he could walk. He is married (Loren) with two little girls (Sailor 8 and Landy 9) who will be meeting the crew in St Maarten! On this passage he will have himself (47) and three of you! He has owned and chartered numerous small and large monohulls and catamarans since a child and has lived aboard the cat, essentially single handed sailing, since he bought it in 2021. Currently he has roughly 13200 nautical miles sailed under his belt, having sailed 4200nm in the last year from Hampton to St Maarten and then down to Martinique and several months bouncing to most islands up the chain, on to the US East coast to land near Annapolis, MD in May. He may have some opportunities to meet he and the boat if you are in the Annapolis area throughout the summer months. He is looking for a set of experienced hands to share the camaraderie, experience, and good time, safely on a capable and stable sailing vessel. He is a Christian Conservative, of the relaxed variety, fun, young-minded, silly sense of humor (father of two little girls) and calm under pressure. The cat is a semi-custom true blue-water modern catamaran. She is very well equipped with all the latest tech to include StarLink, new North 3Di sails, and safety gear. Each crew member will have their own separate state rooms for rest during this journey. He will pay all onboard boat expenses: food, drink, wares, fuel and dockage etc. All you will need is to get to and from the boat, your on/off -vessel needs, and understand flexibility to meet weather window departure and planning. This a dry vessel underway, however after arrival, celebrations are encouraged! We will be sailing (and likely motoring) day and night so we will have four 3-hour shifts day and night.” If interested please e-mail a copy of your sailing CV and interest in joining him at XXXXXXX His web site is Please note: He is quite busy with running his business and flying during the summer so please have patience with his response time.