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Newport RI
Bristol 477

OPO Crew Request # 24-05

This is the first request we have gott...

6/29/2024 from Bermuda to Newport RI on a Bristol 477

OPO Crew Request # 24-05

This is the first request we have gotten as being the official sponsor of the Newport Bermuda Race (NBR) run bi-annually from Newport to Bermuda for over 100 years. Avocation has done the race once and I have delivered other boats back after the race several times. Enough to know you have to ask more question about how the boat will be equipped for the return passage. Race boats do not have dodgers and bimini’s and are often stripped out for racing. As I returning skipper I learned quickly to ask if there was more than one frying pan aboard. Owners have the option to ship cruising sails and dodgers etc. to Bermuda in a shipping container to be offloaded so boats can be put back together for the non-race back. Do ask how much the boat will be rigged and set up differently for the return passage or if it will be an less comfortable ride on a stripped boat without dodgers. You do not want any surprises when you fly into Bermuda and find the boat is still setup for racing and not the sail back. I stopped moving J-109’s and J-105 around in race mode since I got tired of running off the Jersey Coast on boats with no dodgers and no auto-pilots in the fall. I think even most if not all race boats have auto-pilots now (sometimes not working) which is why I always so you can consider yourself an experienced crew when you can steer the boat by yourself for an hour or two in bigger seas, day or night. This first NBR crew request is not a pure race boat so will not be a very uncomfortable boat like most will be, but do ask if they are taking or shipping the dodger to Bermuda for the return passage, Hank.

Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a 1990 Bristol 477 named XXXXXX. He is racing in the Newport to Bermuda Race this June. He has owned the boat for 14 years. He is looking for two crew for a total of four crew for the return passage. While the sail back will take about five days, he wants crew to arrive a couple of days before and reserve about nine or ten days just in case. He e-mails: Elixir has been refitted over the last several years in anticipation of a north Atlantic crossing which we completed summer of 2022. New Engine, generator, plumbing, electronics, standing rigging. She is in great shape. While not a racing boat, she can hold her own, and is safe and comfortable to sail. She has all the safety equipment as required by the NOR for Bermuda. Plus extensive systems - generator, water maker, heat, aircon, power winches, new plumbing, electronics (iridium satellite) and new sails. He will skipper the boat back. He is from Portland Maine and has the Atlantic crossing and several offshore races completed. The other crew is Joachim Wick, age 64, from Hamburg Germany who has extensive Baltic and North Atlantic offshore experience. He is looking for two more crew with medium experience but can stand a solo watch. The passage is free with all onboard expenses, but you need to get to and from the boat and have money for any shoreside meals and drinks. If interested please send your sailing resume to him at XXXXX@XXXX XXXXXX