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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
French Polynesia

OPO Crew Request # 23-131 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a 2005 AMEL 54 na...

4/14/2024 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to French Polynesia on a AMEL 54

OPO Crew Request # 23-131 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a 2005 AMEL 54 named XXXXXX. I met him in SXM in 2021 and we have gotten crew from him before. It worked out well. The Amel 53 is a very well build and comfortable center cockpit boat. He is looking for two crew to join him next April for this West Coast Passage from Mexico to French Polynesia. He says having three crew works well for him on his boat. He e-mails: I’m looking for 2 people to join on my AMEL 54, a boat the literally offers everything anyone can dream of…. Between Panama and Hawaii it turned out that a total of 3 worked best. The 4700 miles took 28 days and we had a good time. Eric that I found on your site turned out to be the best crew I ever had. My other offshore passages since 2019 include Connecticut to Bermuda, Bermuda to St. Martin, St. Martin to Panama in 1 go, Hawaii to Victoria (BC). My terms are that crew pays travel to and from the boat and we share operational expenditures (primarily food and drinks, but if they stay longer and want to join beaching, diving, using Starlink etc, cost rises – subject to induvial negotiations. French Polynesia requires a long-term Visa for people who want to stay longer than 90 days. At this point I’m looking at people who would join the trip and stay (if they want) a max of 90 days in FP. In any case, they must produce a flight ticket for FP customs and immigration. My boat offers diving, I do have a dive compressor and tanks. The boat has new standing rigg installed on Vancouver Island last year. New ONAN Generator installed in St. Martin 2022, 4 new sails bought in 2022, New Beata 85T engine installed in St. Martin 2020. Boat is in very good overall condition. AIS, Radar, VHF, Starlink, IridiumGO tbd - see visa requirements for FP The passage is free with all onboard expenses included, but you need to get to and from the boat and chip in for food and drink and have money for meals and drinks ashore. And he says if you are planning to join him for longer legs you can also help chip in for other things. Make sure you ask questions about what is required to enter into French Polynesia so there are no surprises and also what he expects you to chip in per week or per month if you might plan to join him for extended cruising. If interested please send your sailing resume to him at XXXXX@XXXX