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Hampton, VA via Bermuda
St. Maartin
Leopard Catamaran
OPO Crew Request # 23-94 XXXXXX and XXXXXX have a 2008 46" XXXXXX Dan ...

11/1/2023 from Hampton, VA via Bermuda to St. Maartin on a Leopard Catamaran

OPO Crew Request # 23-94 XXXXXX and XXXXXX have a 2008 46" XXXXXX Dan is looking for two experienced crew to join him for his passage south. He has owned the boat for over 3 years and does extensive charter work in the Caribbean. I just got off the phone with Renee. I told her our NARC fleet will be in Bermuda at about the same time and that they are welcome to meet up with the NAR XXXXXX and continue to St. Maarten as part of our fleet to join the socials and get discounts. Please note that although the passage can take as little as 12 days, please build in a few extra days just in case of a weather delay. We usually tell our crew to plan for 18 days. Renee does a great job of describing their boat and the passage situation. She e-mailed: Seeking two skilled crew members for a passage from Hampton, VA to St. Maartin aboard our meticulously maintained 46-foot 2008 Leopard catamaran. Boat sails and rigging replaced two years ago and boat is well equipped with safety equipment. Candidate must have offshore sailing experience (sailing resumes required to document experience for insurance purposes) and be able to tolerate possible rough sea conditions. Our captain brings over 13,000 nautical miles of offshore experience, navigating the XXXXXX Bahamas, and Caribbean. Crew will be expected to stand night watches, act as team players, follow instructions and help to keep the boat in good order. Boat will be well provisioned, and all onboard expenses will be covered. Captain is known for his culinary expertise so you will be well fed. Celebratory drinks will be provided at the end of the passage but please no alcohol, drugs or smoking onboard. Crew required to cover travel expenses to and from boat as well as any onshore expenses. Each crew member will be given a private state room and bathroom (head) with walk-in shower. Boat is beautifully appointed for upscale day charters and has many upgrades including extra thick mattress pads and high thread count sheets. Plan is to leave Hampton, VA on Nov. 1 with a stopover in Bermuda (plan for a few days to reprovision and wait on a good weather window) before continuing on to St. Maartin. Travel dates subject to modification due to weather. Duration of trip expected to be approximately 12-14 days including stopover. Boat photos available on Instagram or on our website As usual, the passage is free with all onboard expenses included, but you need to get to and from the boat and have money for emails and drinks ashore. If interested please send your sailing resume to them at ReneeAnnD XXXXX@XXXX