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OPO e-mail # 22-157 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX is planning well ahead to get...

5/1/2023 from Chesapeake to Europe on a Boat

OPO e-mail # 22-157 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX is planning well ahead to get crew so there is time to meet crew before the spring departure from the Chesapeake Bay to Europe. He has a 1984 Belliure 41 named Musetta that he has owned for two years. He has two other crew so is only looking for one more crew. Since one of the other crew is a female and expressed a preference for having one other female aboard, I am comfortable breaking one of my own rules of never specifying male or female as we are not a dating service. But since this is a legitimate request. Sorry, men need not read further. The skipper and the boat and other crew: He e-mails: “Very well equipped. Double headsail sloop, roller furling main on boom, nearly new roller furling head sails, new Spade anchor as primary with 200 feet of high strength chain, all new. Second anchor is a Fortress with 50 feet of chain and 200 feet of rode. Lefrans windlass with rode and chain gypsies. All new lifelines being installed now. New hydrovane self steering windvane being installed soon. below decks autopilot. SSB with pactor IV modem. AIS, Radar, VHF radio, depth gauge, wind indicator. 12V system designed by Bob Campbell being installed currently using LiPoFe battery based system. Bow thruster. Yanmar engine with about 800 hours. Ship carries approximately 160 gallon of fresh water in two saddle tanks on either side of engine, approximately 110 gallons of diesel fuel in two saddle tanks also on either side of main engine. All significant weigh is located low over keel in the center of the boat.” Myself - over 50 years of sailing experience. I lived and sailed off the Spanish coast in the Bay of Biscay for about 10 years. I've sailed most of the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, various regions of the East coast, San Juan Islands. XXXXXX, RYA certified captain with several trans-Atlantic crossings. Lori Ramos with limited sailing experience over the past 3 or 4 years mostly small boat racing, some larger boat coastal cruising. I have over 50 years of sailing experience but have not crossed oceans yet. The other crew: male crew has extensive experience including multiple crossings. The female has the least experience, she has been sailing only for the past 3 or 4 years - mostly racing and small boat handling. Drinking: is not permitted while sailing - fine once we are in port or anchored. This is a smoke free ship. Medical concerns are minimal - some "old age" medications are being taken. No food concerns - we do like good food!” XXXXXX has gotten crew from us before and it worked out well. I also just spoke on the phone with him before writing this up. The boat is in the Chesapeake Bay area, but he lives north of NY City. The passage is free but the other two crew are chipping in for provisions and maybe a bit towards dockage in Bermuda and the Azores. XXXXXX asks the 4th crew to do the same. I always suggest agreeing on a dollar amount ahead of time. You also need to get to and from the boat and have money for meals and drinks ashore. If you do not have 60 days off you can go to Plan B and get off in the Azores as they can carry on the rest of the passage with 3 crew. If interested, please send your sailing resume to him at XXXXX@XXXX