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Norfolk, VA
Culebra, PR
Tayana 37
OPO e-mail # 22-150 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a Tayana 37 named “...

12/10/2022 from Norfolk, VA to Culebra, PR on a Tayana 37

OPO e-mail # 22-150 Boat owner and skipper XXXXXX has a Tayana 37 named “Josie” that he has been living aboard and preparing for passage south for months. He completed his first leg from MA to Norfolk with OPO members and is now planning his next leg south. He admits: This date is a little bit later in the season than I hoped for (Nov 1 would have been better) but it turned out to be a much busier year than I anticipated between work, boat projects, and prepping life for a period of cruising the boat as I'm sure you'd understand. I met Phil at the XXXXXX Show and we have spoken several times this summer since I also once owned and lived aboard a Tayana 37 for 14 years. He is a nice guy and knows more than he thinks. He edited his earlier “crew request” for crew from his 1st leg south and e-mails: Looking for an experienced crew member to help deliver Tayana 37 ‘Josie’ from Norfolk, VA to Culebra, XXXXXX starting December 10, 2022 and leaving as soon as weather permits. Phil - the owner / captain - will be aboard and a second OPO crew member has already signed on for the trip. Looking for a third hand to make the passage in a safe, timely manner and aiming to be in Culebra before XXXXXX Boat is currently located at XXXXXX Marina (Near Norfolk) in Hampton, VA at the mouth of the XXXXXX and ready to take on the appx 1400 nm trip to Culebra. Boat is a 1988 Tayana 37 cutter rig and purchased by the Phil 2 years ago near Annapolis, MD. Owner completed an extended refit this summer, begun by the previous owners. In the last few years boat has received new mast / boom, new standing rigging, new chainplates / knees, all new raymarine electronics, Vesper AIS / XXXXXX XXXXXX + XXXXXX new autopilot, Hyrdrovane, new sails, genset, new lifelines, new hard dodger w/ canvas work, 440W solar installation, liferaft, new windlass, and many other upgrades for both safety and comfort aboard. Captain / Owner (Phil) is 38 years old and sailing experience includes 2 previous passages from the XXXXXX to the Caribbean crewing aboard other vessels. As a relatively new captain and boat owner, I am seeking a more experienced third crew member who is interested in actively participating in boat handling and passage planning aspects of the trip. The opportunity is free with all onboard expenses included. Dinner and a night out on Phil after completion of the passage. If interested please send your sailing resume and contact information to me at XXXXX@XXXX . Thank you and speak soon.