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OPO e-mail # 22-141 I am in Bermuda and just got this e-mail from OPO member, b...

11/28/2022 from ICW to Florida on a Swan

OPO e-mail # 22-141 I am in Bermuda and just got this e-mail from OPO member, boat owner and skipper XXXXXX. He is a very nice guy who got spoiled when he sailed in our Swan Program and bought an old Swan. He has spent the last two or three years getting her in great shape after retiring from his military career, mostly in Wash DC. Since he knows how OPO works he gave me lots of good info about his passage and his boat etc. Since he is on no rush and can solo starting next week, he is open to OPO members contacting him and asking about when and where to join him based on this information. The passage is fee with onboard boat expenses included, but you should offer to chip in for food and be able to pay for any melas and drinks ashore while making stops along the way. If interested please send your sailing resume and contact information to XXXXXX at XXXXXX XXXXX@XXXX He e-mails: I hope your trip south was a good one. Due to some family/personal issues, I decided to not go directly to the Caribbean this fall. Instead, I stayed close to the mainland, Soloing SWANDA from Newport, on the inside, to Annapolis. Since then, I’ve Solo’ed to Hampton, VA where I am now – all great experiences! I have some VA appointments in West Palm Beach, FL in mid-December and expect to begin the passage this week. My plan is to take the ICW from Norfolk to Morehead City, NC. Then sail to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Although I'm soloing this portion, I'm not opposed to having Crew along, but I’m definitely interested in finding someone, or two Crew to accompany me from Wrightsville Beach, NC to West Palm Beach, FL right after Thanksgiving. Wilmington has a decent airport. Departure dates from there are flexible and I might cut the passage in half by stopping at Fernandina Beach. Would you be willing to reach out to your Crew for me in this effort? Since there is plenty of time, the passage shouldn’t be rushed. I can shape the passage for a few stops, or go straight through. I pride myself in being risk averse and expect to wait for pleasant conditions. Of course, I expect to cover all onboard expenses and have a pretty good reputation for taking care of my crew with good food, etc. – most Crew want to come back. I don’t drink on passage, but like to enjoy libations while on the hook. I don’t have a ton of rules, but require the proper safety equipment be worn while underway and clipped-in outside of the cockpit, even in pleasant conditions. All other typical OPO rules/recommendations for crew behavior apply although it won’t be long before it is discovered that I cuss like a Sailor. Crew does not have to be expert, but I need to be confident they can handle a night shift alone. SWANDA is a refit 1994 Swan 40, CB Sloop. She’s set up for cruising and has been performing well. (Raymarine electronics, Chartplotter, Radar, Iridium Go). I’ve sailed her between Virginia and New England for the last three years, some inside, some outside. I’m a 55-year-old retired Army Officer, a graduate of the IYRS Marine Systems Program, and the Chapman School of Seamanship PMT program, and currently have a 25T Inland Mates Certificate. I probably have enough sea time to reapply for my 50T Captain’s license. XXXXXX Swanda_sails@instagram