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Falmouth MA
Charleston SC
Nordhavn 68

OPO e-mail # 22-110 XXXXXX and his wife are looking for one crew to join them...

11/2/2022 from Falmouth MA to Charleston SC on a Nordhavn 68

OPO e-mail # 22-110 XXXXXX and his wife are looking for one crew to join them for his annual passage south. The vessel is a 62 Nordhavn 68 feet long 19' 6" beam 7-foot draft 83-ton displacement. This is a big power boat in the trawler family. This is not a rushed delivery and they expect to take up to two weeks stopping along the way. He and his wife are very accomplished on the water, but seek one crew to help make this luxurious passage South this year. They have gotten crew from us before and it has always gone well. They need someone who can handle dock lines and keep watch. He will even pay your travel expenses home, depending on where you live. Non-smoker please. No alcohol underway. The passage is free with all onboard expenses included. If interested please e-mail him with a brief sailing resume to XXXXX@XXXXX. He describes the opportunity very well so I quote him: “Our anticipated departure date subject to Weather is Nov 2nd. We will be departing Falmouth MA for Charleston SC. The vessel is a 62 Nordhavn 68 feet long 19' 6" beam 7-foot draft 83-ton displacement. She has been in our family for 12 years and approximately 80,000 miles. She was purchased in Portland Oregon then brought up to Vancouver British Columbia and refit at Philbrooks boat yard, if you go online to Philbrooks boat yard you will see pictures of her refit. You can also see pictures of the boat if you Google Jimmy Buffett boats as she was owned by Jimmy Buffett. We then brought the boat down the West Coast through the Panama Canal, Caribbean Sea, East Coast to Falmouth Mass. The Bonne Vie has four state rooms all with flat screen TVs, climate controlled, and 3 1/2 heads. She has a single lugger diesel, emergency engine, three generators and a 1000 gallon a day water maker. Both myself and my wife have 100 ton captain’s licenses and this will be our 11th trip Northbound in this specific boat. I also have a pilot’s license, helicopter license, motorcycle license and of course a driver’s license. I'm looking for two crewmembers possibly husband-and-wife. They would only need minimum boating skills but certainly the ability to not get seasick. It would be a large plus if one of them had some mechanical skills. I have completed the trip in as little as one week and as long as three weeks, please be available for a minimum of 3 weeks. My Weather router gives me a go or no go and I listen to her very closely. She is involved from the beginning of the trip to the very end. As you can imagine I will pay for all room and board and we all eat like kings. I will also pay for either getting to or getting from the boat on the East Coast of the United States.”