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Willsboro Bay Marina in Willsboro, NY
New Hampshire Seacoast
Erickson 38-2000

OPO e-mail # 22-80 Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay Marina in Willsboro, NY to New H...

8/8/2022 from Willsboro Bay Marina in Willsboro, NY to New Hampshire Seacoast on a Erickson 38-2000

OPO e-mail # 22-80 Safe Harbor Willsboro Bay Marina in Willsboro, NY to New Hampshire Seacoast. - Boat owner and Swan Program graduate XXXXXX has upgraded to an Erickson 38-2000 named XXXXXX that he bought on Lake Champlain. He is hiring a delivery skipper to get him NY City since the passage involves un-stepping and re-stepping the mast and dealing with the Canal System. He would like one more crew to join them. After the delivery skipper leaves he plans to sail the rest of the passage with his wife and one OPO member. This is a very interesting passage through parts of the NY Canal System and down the Hudson River. So mostly motoring the first week. He actually explains the passage well and splits it up by day and I include that information. I spoke with him today and am happy to include the following information for this up to two-week passage opportunity. He is a very nice man who is excited about his new boat. He e-mails: The trip will look something like this: - DAY 1 and 2: 1 to 2 days from Willsboro, NY to south end of Lake. With favorable winds will be sailing. Arrive Chipman Point Marina and remove mast. Mast supports will be built in advance, so estimating 2 hours and have secured by end of day 2. From here, I’ll be taking aboard a delivery skipper who has made the canal/Hudson River trip several times. - DAYS 3 and 4: 2 days to get through NY canal system. 13 locks in all. Planning to get through first 8 the first day and then the remaining 5 on day 2. At end of day 2 there are a number of marina or anchorage options south of Albany. DAY 5: Depart anchorage and arrive Hop-O-Nose marina in Catskills, NY. Re-step mast. DAY 6: Depart Catskills and Arrive at Newburgh, NY DAY 7: Depart Newburgh and arrive at Marina around Battery Park in NYC. DAY 8: Wait for favorable currents and transit the East River to City Island at west end of LI Sound. Delivery skipper departs. Change engine oil, reprovision and other prep for trip to Newport. Except for day 5 and 8, we will be motoring from 45 to 55 nm per day and will only travel with daylight through the canals and Hudson. These are my estimates and the delivery skipper may modify. I also am probably allowing more time than necessary to remove and step the mast as I have not done this before. The delivery skipper (Mike Crowley) wants to have 1 other crew member besides myself and significant other, so I'm looking for one extra crew member. Mike won't be on the remainder of the trip but having an extra crew member will also help us out for the remainder of the trip and will give us options for some overnight sails, as my significant other will not do night watches. After motoring day 3 thru day 8, I may opt to do the trip in one shot under sail, if favorable winds. I’ll plan for stops if necessary along the way. From City Island, the rest of the trip might look something like the following: DAY 1 and 2: City Island to Newport (I would actually like to sail up the Narragansett Bay to Bristol. I have two pregnant daughters both due around now, so will have to assess the situation before proceeding. DAY 3: Newport to Cape Cod canal entrance DAY 4: Assuming favorable currents, transit canal and proceed to Provincetown DAY 5: Provincetown to Rockport, MA Depending on conditions, may decide to skip Provincetown and proceed directly to Rockport DAY 6: Rockport to Kittery, ME The passage is free with all onboard expenses include, but have money for any stops along the way. If interested please e-mail him with your sailing resume and phone number to him XXXXX@XXXX