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Kaneohe, HI
Alameda Ca
Islander 36

OPO e-mail # 22-76 Owner and skipper XXXXXX is racing to Hawaii departing Jul...

7/22/2022 from Kaneohe, HI to Alameda Ca on a Islander 36

OPO e-mail # 22-76 Owner and skipper XXXXXX is racing to Hawaii departing July 4th on his 1971 Islander 36 named “XXXXXX” with a full race crew of five people. He had crew lined up for the return passage, but they had to drop out because of a family medical emergency. He is looking for two crew for a total of three crew on the return passage from HI to the mainland. He has done the passage a four times before and the boat has to pass s safety inspection to enter the race. I spoke with him this morning and he convinced me it is a good boat and this is a good passage opportunity for an OPO member. Since they start of the race is next week it would be best if he could hear from OPO members and line up crew before he set out to sea. They will have sat communications, but limited after they depart. The passage is free with all onboard expenses included, but you need to get to and from the boat. If interested please e-mail your sailing resume to him at XXXXX@XXXX and then exchange phone numbers and make plans.