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Newport RI
OPO e-mail # 22-51 Boat owner XXXXXX (who is also an ex OPO member having grad...

6/4/2022 from Grenada to Newport RI on a Newport

OPO e-mail # 22-51 Boat owner XXXXXX (who is also an ex OPO member having graduated to boat ownership a few years ago) and his friend and replacement skipper for this passage, XXXXXX are looking for two crew to help deliver his 1987 XXXXXX Pedrick 47 named Life of Reilly from Grenada to Newport RI. Mike adds: XXXXXX 2018, rig inspection 2022 XXXXXX Pedrick 47, retrofitted 2018, Perkins 4108 rebuilt 2018, SSB, Emergency beacons, XXXXXX and G system 2018. 6000 sea miles since retrofit. 20 tons, Jonhson series drogue. 6 XXXXXX life raft new 2019. water maker, generator, AIS. Captain will be taking a XXXXXX Reach. Replacement skipper and friend XXXXXX explains: Our dear friends Terri and XXXXXX along with their 2 young sons, had to leave their sailboat in Grenada and fly back to the USA. Michael was diagnosed with cancer and needed treatment in Massachusetts. My wife and I decided to sail the boat home to them in Massachusetts. My wife can’t go now and I can use a couple of crew to assist. Don’t know how that work through you. Really can’t pay the crew due to circumstances. The plan is to depart Grenada sometime the first week of June. Of course weather dependent one plan is Grenada to USVIs, Bermuda, then Massachusetts. The other plan is Grenada to USVIs, XXXXXX XXXXXX hop through the Bahamas and to XXXXXX Then to Massachusetts. I realize it’s asking a lot for people to go on this journey. I know many are looking for experience and adventure. Let me know please your thoughts and how your service works. Regards, XXXXXX I did ask Mike about what shape the boat is in and he has convinced me she is in very good shape and will be ready to go by e-mailing the following response to my questions: While the boat has been idle for two months, the engine and generator were serviced prior to departure, it is on a mooring in XXXXXX Grenada. It is being maintained by XXXXXX who owns the moorings and also has a fabrication business there. Lithium battery bank maintained by 1000 watts of solar. I am having the rig inspected by a local rigging company, the motor and generator is being started and run every two weeks, the water maker is pickled but only needs to be run pumping overboard for two hours to rinse out the pickling solution. The boat will be gone through by a marine engineer friend of mine you. Really can’t pay the crew due to circumstances. The passage is free with all onboard expenses included. Mike says he will help with a small travel stipend within reason to help ensure that Skip has two good crew for this passage on this comfortable heavier displacement ocean going boat. The passage is at the best time of years and you will be helping out a fellow OPO member get his boat back home since he has other more pressing needs at this time. If interested please contact both Mike at XXXXX@XXXX and Skip XXXXX@XXXX with your sailing resume and contact information. And thanks for helping if you can. Hank OPO