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Puerto Vallarta
Florida Keys

OPO e-mail # 21-109 Boat owner and skipper OPOOPO has just purchased a like n...

2/1/2022 from Puerto Vallarta to Florida Keys on a Catamaran

OPO e-mail # 21-109 Boat owner and skipper OPOOPO has just purchased a like new Seawind 1260 - 41’ catamaran that is currently in Puerto Vallarta. He just flew back and the Surveyor rated the boat at Excellent. It’s well equipped with safety gear including EPIRB, 6 person life raft, type 1 jackets, plus inflatable harness jackets, MOB equipment, AIS, VHF, and Iridium GO communications. It also has a water maker, AC, 1000W solar, tender w/15hp, and sails in very good condition including main, jib, screecher (aka code zero), and asymmetrical spinnaker. I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago before he flew down for the survey which is why we have the delay in the numerical sequence of the # “crew request”. Now that he is back and the boat surveyed well he is starting his early search to secure crew for this leisurely passage from the West Coast to the East Coast through the Panama Canal. He does have a couple who plan to join him after he gets to the Caribbean side of the Canal for the 2nd half of the passage to Florida Keys. He is looking for three crew for the first leg. He e-mails: I'd like to get 3 people, a couple and a single would be great. Ideally, either the couple or the single would disembark in Panama. I have a couple friend that wants to join there. From a crew perspective, he says, “I would love to get a commitment for the Puerto Vallarta - Panama exit (6 weeks +- 2 weeks) for 3 people, and either the single or couple for the full trip. Panama to Cancun/Cozumel (3-4 weeks) Cozumel to Miami (2-3 weeks) Of course I’m open to the same crew for the duration if they are available and committed”. I suggested to him  that he try and get crew for the duration of the passage and not try and make a schedule to meet people along the easy. This is in everyone’s best interest. But it makes it that much more important to pick the right crew for the long passage. He is looking for 3 people for the first 4 to 6 weeks from Puerto Vallarta to the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal. (Three people, or a couple and one other person. If plans for his two friends to join him in Panama fall through then he might be looking for crew for the entire passage.) He looking to board the boat in Puerto Vallarta the first of February. He will take a few days to shake things out locally and get provisioned before starting the journey down to Panama. Planning to stop 2-3 times along Mexico coast with check-out in Puerto Escondido, then head offshore to stay wide of El Salvador and Nicaragua, then into Costa Rica, and then Panama. He expects that initial journey to take 4 weeks with rest/shore days factored in multiple places. There will be multiple legs that are 2-3 days, with the passage between Puerto Escondido MX and Marina Papagayo Costa Rica taking 6-7 days. Then a couple more 2-3 day legs down to Panama City. Once through the Panama Canal (1-2 weeks after arrival depending on scheduling), and a couple days around Colon, he will head North to the Caymans when you have the right available weather pattern, again staying well (200+ miles) offshore the corner of Honduras and Nicaragua. From Caymans you will go over to Cancun or Cozumel, before turning NE around Cuba and into the FL Keys. His experience - He started sailing sunfish at age 6, and Hobie Cat’s at 8. Through the Boy Scouts he learned to sail larger boats on Lake Michigan, and twice traveled to the Boy Scout Sea Base in the Keys to sail on Hunter 25’s for a week at a time. In high school and after he made friends with boat owners and crewed on Lake Michigan on a variety of monohulls before eventually entering a lease-share program in Chicago and sailing Beneteau 37 and 40 for multiple seasons. In 2014 he moved to Florida to extend his boating season and purchased a Maine Cat 30. Used it in the Abaco’s, the FL coast (east and west), and raced in local club races for 5 years. He has also bare-boat chartered in the BVI on a Beneteau 50, and the Abaco’s on a Maine Cat 38 and delivered a Maxim 38 from St Augustine FL round the Keys and up the Gulf 50 miles north of the Tampa Bay. He admits he does not have much “off-shore” experience, but has planned, provisioned, and navigated multi-week trips coastal with 3-4 day passages included. He holds a current USCG OUPV license, and is a retired volunteer firefighter and EMT of 17 years of service. He spent his professional career at one software company for 34 years where he started doing board level circuit repair and retired as a member of the executive team where he led their Cloud division. He has an engineering mindset when it comes to planning, but doesn’t get paralyzed in decision making. He is safety oriented. He expects crew to be kind to each other, help out and share experiences where relevant, but respect each other’s boundaries. There is no smoking on board, and he doesn’t permit drinking while underway. As usual he is planning on covering all boat related expenses including normal provisioning as well as any customs fees for crew members on board when we check in and out of countries. Also as usual you need to get to and from the boat and have money for shoreside meals and activities. If interested please e-mail your sailing resume and contact information to him at XXXXX@XXXX