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Island Hopping in the Caribbean
Jeanneau DS40

OPO E-Mail # 21-105 This opportunity just came in from OPOOPO. I am sending i...

12/5/2021 from Island to Island Hopping in the Caribbean on a Jeanneau DS40

OPO E-Mail # 21-105 This opportunity just came in from OPOOPO. I am sending it out just as he explained it. I am currently sitting Grenada and will leave Port Louis marina about Dec 5 give or take a few days. My plan for the year is to island hop all the way up see the islands ie exploring inland , doing some diving and a couple of boat repairs along the way. I do not schedule period. Did that 3x and 2 were a disaster and 1 was ok as it just cost me a couple of days on my Russian visa ( you have to give the Russians a date of entry when you apply for a visa and i applied in April for a July visa date- almost made it except weather had me sitting for 2 days in Georgia past the visa entry date) – Given that my plan is Carriacou, Grenadines, Bequia, an overnight stay in St Lucia or an overnight sail to Martinique where I will get a new traveler installed and maybe a hold tank, Dominica, Guadeloupe and the Saintes, Antigua, Nevis, St Kitts, St Barts, St Martins, BVIs, USVIs, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and then the biggy maybe the southside of Cuba before heading to my next hurricane season which will be either Grenada and that will probably be a direct sail or Panama again a direct sail or the USA and again a direct sail. I don’t need an experienced crew as I have done most of these much earlier – 2012-2013, but this time see the islands a but more and diving. This would be best for people who want to experience the cruising life style just a bit and learn just a bit. Crew can come and go from various places as this will be a 5+month trip and no one really has that much time off unless like me they are retired and want to see the islands. My name is OPOOPO . My sailing experience? Well I think this is year 15 underway. I have done the east coast of the US from Miami to Mass and Maine and Chesapeake Bay, most of the Bahamas twice, Miami to Mexico and sailed down the coast to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia to Jamaica then island hopped to Trinidad, island hopped quickly back to Antigua, then a 2 handed crossing to Azores to Portugal and 6 summers in the Med and one summer circum nav of the Black Sea with wintering over in Tunisia 2times, Turkey 3 times and Israel once. Visited every country in the Med except those that shoot at you. Back across the Atlantic, 2 handed crossing, from Cape Verde Islands to St Lucia and down to Grenada for the past 18 months due to virus and hurricane season. My boat is a Jeanneau DS40, the only boat I have ever owned, that I bought new in 2003. I just replaced all the rigging, new chartplotter, new radar, new solar, new batteries, a new variable pitch prop this year along with minor upgrades along the way this past 2 years. I DO NOT RACE nor do I care to and I do not stress the boat to see if I can get the extra .2 knots. She is a shoal draft boat so she does not heel a lot and at 10-12% heel I reef to keep her from slipping sideways. She can be a fast boat as in the sail from Cape Verde across I had ¾ genny out on a whisker and never moved it in 2 weeks and was doing 150 to 170nm a day and no main. I am also a weather geek and do not go out when I deem the weather unfeasible. As an old mountaineer and rock climber I do not take unnecessary chances. The reason I am single handing after all these years is my former partner became a huge safety risk and I spent as much time worrying about what she was going to do next as watching what was going on with the boat along and she became a huge liability. I am not sure if your site is the one for me but if people want to experience the cruising lifestyle for a couple of weeks I welcome them on board. I am not a Capt Bligh and want those on board to work as a team and arrive at a consensus on what to do and if no consensus than I will make the decision. They can come and go anywhere along the island chain. Couples would work great as they can see if they can work together or single person. Expenses such as fuel, food would be shared and dockage only if they want to go to a dock. It would be a good way for the “Jimmy Buffet loving fans” to really experience the cruising life before plunging into the life and getting shall we say disappointed. You have no idea how many folks we have seen take the leap and soon quit as it was not what they thought it would be or did not understand that not everyday is sunshine, blue skies, sandy beaches, and rum punch. This is a nice way to see it for real before taking the leap. By the way I have I have written many articles for Lats and Atts magazine and have one on Barcelona coming out in the next edition and will be working on one about the Canary Islands soon. Interested crew can e-mail him at XXXXX@XXXXXX