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Panama City
Amel 54

OPO e-mail # 21-58 Owner and skipper OPOOPO has a 2005 Amel 54 named OPOOPO t...

1/21/2022 from Panama City to Hawaii on a Amel 54

OPO e-mail # 21-58 Owner and skipper OPOOPO has a 2005 Amel 54 named OPOOPO that he has owned and lived aboard part time for 6 years. He is from Switzerland and the boat has been summering south of the OPOOPO in the Caribbean. He will return to the boat soon. In late October he plans to head to St. Maarten, the OPOOPO Jamaica, Panama and then to Hawaii. There is no set date which is why we do not have exact dates for the passage from Panama to Hawaii, but he does want to start meeting people first by seeing sailing resumes and then possibly in person for a shorter sail or a long whats app call or zoom. He really only needs crew for the long leg from Panama to Hawaii at the end of January or early February 2022, but his shorter passages the next few months allows interested crew a chance to meet and sail together before planning a long 4600 mile passage from Panama to Hawaii. He does have one other crew for this leg so he is only looking for one more crew for a total of three. The 3rd crew is fisherman with many years of professional experience at sea that he met in OPOOPO The boat is well set up for easy offshore sailing as he explains: “ OPOOPO is a very stable, safe and comfortable cruising boat, built to sail around the world and to live aboard. It is in an excellent condition as I invested a lot in the past 4 years in preparation of my plan to sail the Pacific in 2022.” Alex has 30,000 miles sailing and since the boat is set up for easy sailing, he is looking for compatible crew over experience. This is a long passage and everyone wants to make sure we help put a good crew together. I spoke with him for a while this morning and he seems like a very nice man and capable sailor. As usual the passage is free but you need to get to and from the boat and have money for meals and drinks ashore. For a passage this long expect to chip in for groceries as you provision together for the long passage. You will eat better. If interested please send your sailing resume and contact information to XXXXX@XXXX