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... Who Knows (long term sailing opportunity)

OPO e-mail # 21-11 Start in the Med and then … - OPO is not a dating s...

7/4/2021 from Mediterranean to ... Who Knows (long term sailing opportunity) on a Sloop

OPO e-mail # 21-11 Start in the Med and then … - OPO is not a dating sight nor often do we put out a crew request looking for a long term sailing arrangement. We do know we have introduced many people to each other who have become friends through sailing because of OPO. I know of at least two cases of people getting married. It is in that spirit that I am sending this “crew request” to OPO members knowing that most of you are not qualified. Even the skipper of the boat knows it is a long shot, but you never know what can happen unless you out it out there. The owner of this boat, found us through our Scuttlebutt advertisement. If interested please e-mail him at with your sailing resume. Hank

CREW REQUEST: (In his own words) “i want to go saling mixed gender double handed on the races like aegean 600 middle sea race rorc transatlantic, and others to be suggested... thats this year, and if the two of us gradually like each others company/become friends, and define common goals, i want to circumnavigate the globe in two to three years, doing regattas such as the sidney hobart and the transpacific race and cruise remote exotic destinations in between this is not a payed position, we will share costs related to our trip, i will continue to take care of the boat the rig sails electronics etc. i am not counting on help with my boat the program is gradual, first we chat online, than meet in person, than we go sailing than we do the aegean starting july 4th this year, than maybe the giraglia or the barcollana then cruise around the med, get to know malta... than do the middle sea race october 23rd... return to lisbon... than sail to the canaries and do the rorc trans-atlantic in the end of november... than early next year sail south and go from the caribean around capetown into the indic/southern ocean to australia/new zealand... do the hobart race. cruise the pacific and the followinmg year do the transpacific regatta ... than cruise from hawaii to the eastern south pacific to round the horn sometime early 2023 to arrive in the uk early spring, in time to rest and prepare for the north atlantic regattas, AZAB, RBI, fastnet etc the boat is a tried and tested OSTAR veteran (3rd/2009), first generation class 40, cedar strip/epoxy composite racing sloop, a carbon spar, and appropriately equiped. it has been sitting on the dry for the last almost ten years, so i have just finnished a thorough in depth re-fit, changed tons of equipment and has only been lightly used, with very little miles but is ready to go... im only missing a female co skipper my age or a little younger (30-50), to hop onboard im a veteran dinghy sailor with two pre olympic campaings in the star class under my belt (1992/1996). i have c. nm done in the north atlantic/med. im an attractive, easy going, gentleman! and an experienced serene sailor searching for kind hearted experienced female match (preferably ex dinghy sailor too, as my boat behaves like a large dinghy on steroids... and helming mistakes cost dearly...) that wants to race offshore sometimes, and see the exotic/remote world, (off the beaten track), for the rest of the time our trip takes to reach full fruition. sharing adds spice to life! so, many thanks! i dont create expectations but im looking forward to seeing the outcome of this OPO at this point a female co skipper is the only remaining `part`of the process i have NOT YET sorted out as soon as i do, we will be set to go sailing asap! kind regards OPOOPO ps with all the crazyness going on at present with covid, i would be lead to assume that any smart middle aged lady will also want to escape the covid madness and go around the globe on a safe fast very strong boat with an experienced sailor/civilized middle aged gentleman”