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Galapagos Island
Barra de Navida Mexico
Hinckley 51

OPO e-mail # 21-01 Boat owner OPOOPO was referred to us by OPO member who is ...

4/15/2021 from Galapagos Island to Barra de Navida Mexico on a Hinckley 51

OPO e-mail # 21-01 Boat owner OPOOPO was referred to us by OPO member who is sailing the first couple of legs with him from Key West to Panama and then on to the Galapagos Islands where they will spend a month. The boat is a very nice well equipped Hinckley 51 named “Marlow” (I went through the canal in 1999 on a Hinckley 57. Very nice boats HS) He has owned and sailed the boat for the last 20 years. He is looking for two experience crew or a couple to join him and his brother for the leg from the Galapagos Islands to Mexico. He understands the challenges of travel during Covid and we all hope things will be a bit better by April, but not over yet.

He explains: “I fully understand the challenge during COVID, and hopefully, we are far enough in advance and close to people getting vaccinated that something will break our way. I am sailing Marlow to the Galapagos starting March 1st, and Eric is on the leg from Key West to Panama. Then I am spending 30 days in the Galapagos with different crew members flying in and out, which just about uses up all of my sailor buddies. My brother is the one who is signed up to sail out on April 19th. Two experienced crew or a strong sailing couple would be ideal-we'd have up to four days together in the Galapagos on the boat (they could come early and grab a hotel if they liked), and then we would depart. The COVID protocol for flying into the Galapagos requires a negative test within 96 hours of arrival. They would fly into Baltra Airport. My blog linked from my profile has pictures of the boat and a collection of emails sent home while at sea on some of these various adventures. Marlow is in great shape-plowing tons of money into her right now while she is on the hard in Key West.” The passage is about 1400 miles. He has built in plenty of time for the passage to Mexico. You can learn more about the boat and skipper at If you would like to inquire about joining him please e-mail your sailing resume to him at XXXXX@XXXXXX. The passage is free but as usual you have to get to and from the boat, plus have money for meals and drinks ashore.