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Given the world-wide health concerns of COVID-19, we have suspended the issuance of crew requests. However, we can match members who are ready and able to travel. And we are still accepting crew requests from boat owners. Please contact us with any questions.

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Colon Panama
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Whitby 42

OPO e-mail # 20-55 Pro skipper OPOOPO is looking “for two keen crew to ...

11/4/2020 from Colon Panama to Ft. Lauderdale FL on a Whitby 42

OPO e-mail # 20-55 Pro skipper OPOOPO is looking “for two keen crew to join him sailing a Whitby 42, a monohull ketch, from the Caribbean side of Panama to Ft. Lauderdale FL. He intends to fly to Panama City on Nov 4 and taxi to Colon and the boat at “Shelter Bay Marina.” Departure will be as soon as possible thereafter. The trip is 1500 miles and I expect the voyage to take about two weeks depending on wind and fuel. Possible fuel stop is CanCun or Isla Mujeres MX. Crew must possess valid passport and proof of recent negative COVID-19 test. Some sailing skills and the ability to stand night watch alone are necessary. Awareness and team work are important and mechanical skills are welcome. The usual OPO conditions apply such that crew will get themselves to and from the boat. Expenses and food on board are provided. Interested crew should email me a sailing resume.” Capt OPOOPO XXXXX@XXXX have known him since 1992. He is a very nice guy and has hundreds of thousands of miles including a circumnavigation. He gets crew from us so often he even writes up his own “crew requests”. The owner of the boat is actually a pro skipper who is working a mega-yacht in Europe and wanted to get his stored boat from Panama to the USA. She is out of the water right now and has been well looked after. The Shelter Bay Marina is a good place to depart from with a good service staff. He has done his homework on the boat and plans to have her ready. The Whitby 42 is a classic heavy overbuilt boat. It should be a comfortable ride. Hank