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Leg Nova Scotia
Lagoon 42 Catamaran

OPO e-mail # 20-22 1st Leg Nova Scotia to Iceland - OPO member and now boat o...

7/1/2020 from Leg Nova Scotia to Iceland on a Lagoon 42 Catamaran

OPO e-mail # 20-22 1st Leg Nova Scotia to Iceland - OPO member and now boat owner OPOOPO is looking for one experienced crew who can satisfy insurance requirements for this passage. He has two other crew so there will be four in total. He and another crew have the necasary experience to pass muster with the insurance company. The boat is a 2017 Lagoon 42 Catamaran with all the bells and whistles as you will see in his description. Matt explains the passage opportunity so well I am simply going to cut and paste and include what he sent me. But to paraphrase he is willing to pay a $2000 stipend for the right crew. If things work out well and both he and the OPO crew get along you are most welcome to stay for an extended cruise all the way through November or can rejoin at your own expense. If interested and qualified please send your sailing resume and contact information to Matt at XXXXX@XXXX Matt emailed the following: Looking for able-bodied crew, single crew or a couple willing to share a berth for a sailing trip aboard a 2017 lagoon 42 catamaran. Catamaran is 3 berths three heads. The crew will have their own berth with bathroom and shower. AIS VHF, Radar, EPIRB x2. Self-inflating Spinlock vests with internal AIS and Weems and Plath MOB dongles. OPOOPO sat phone with Predict wind weather planning app. OPOOPO water maker, 740 amp-hour lithium battery bank with solar. AC heating and cooling. OPOOPO 2 freezers one refrigerator, 3 burner gas stove, and oven. Microwave and espresso machine. All sail adjustments at the enclosed helm on 2-speed power winches. Square top main and self-tacking jib make sailing this vessel very easy. Current crew, Owner/ OPOOPO have greater than 4000nm offshore sailing experience. Many offshore multi-overnight trips. Crossed gulf stream 4 times. OPOOPO Marteen to Chesapeake on this vessel. Crew #1. 50+ years sailing experience, 75,000 NM, Atlantic and Pacific crossings. The prior owner of this vessel. Currently living aboard. Crew #2 Novice sailor with costal and bay sailing experience. OPOOPO is as following July 1 leave from OPOOPO for Iceland, stay 2 weeks, and then on to the OPOOPO stay 1 week, OPOOPO Scotland, Ireland and England. Plan to dock in OPOOPO Marina in London by November 1. Boat will serve as a home base for European adventures until we sail back to the Caribbean. Looking for a nonsmoker, physically and mentally healthy for all or parts of this voyage. The priority being the OPOOPO to Iceland leg. As stated a couple willing to share the queen-sized berth is also acceptable. We do not discriminate based on gender, age, race, sexuality or any parameters other than health and experience. Candidates for the Iceland leg should have offshore experience with a priority for any crossing experience. I will provide a $2000 USD stipend for the OPOOPO to Iceland leg to cover any travel expenses. All onboard food covered. Offshore expenses to be covered by the individual. Additional e-mail further explaining the opportunity: I need the initial crew for a period of 14-16 days to complete the passage from OPOOPO to Iceland. If they want to stay on, and things go smoothly between us they may stay the duration of the trip July until November. I will offer a $2000 stipend for travel expenses and incidentals. This is for a single individual and would be split if a couple wanted to join. I would pay this out after we make landfall in Iceland. Crew experience is a big deal. The insurance company wants 3 experienced crew members for this trip. I and my mate John qualify. We need a third person to qualify per the insurance. Ideally, this person would have offshore experience, crossing an ocean, and experience on catamarans. That's asking a lot. The insurance company OPOOPO is really being sticklers this year. I have no idea why. I have never had a claim and the boat is in spectacular sailing shape. I would like to weed out folks who have no real experience, or coastal day sailing only experience, but I think I may get leniency from the insurance company if a person has a great sailing resume but not crossed an ocean yet. It's a bit ridiculous what they are asking honestly. John and I know the boat inside and out, but I am happy to have another interested person learn the systems. I did not advertise it but we also have scuba gear, a dive compressor and other 'goodies' on the boat for fun on the water. We have nice fishing gear as well. I do not know how important that is to note.