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Charleston, SC
Titusville, FL
OPO e-mail # 19-108 Boat owner and skipper OPOOPO is once again looking for cr...

12/10/2019 from Charleston, SC to Titusville, FL on a Boat

OPO e-mail # 19-108 Boat owner and skipper OPOOPO is once again looking for crew to sail offshore with him. OPOOPO has gotten crew from us several times over the past few years ad it has worked out well for him and crew. He has gotten crew from us enough that he even writes up his own crew request so the following is all taken from his own e-mail including some questions you can answer with your response to hi. The trip is free with all onboard expenses included, but you need to get to and from the boat. What OPOOPO does not include is that the job he retired from to go dialing was President of Beneteau USA. “Sailing South: Marion Maid, a well equipped 1999 Beneteau 411 in good shape with recent engine/sails/etc, is voyaging from Charleston, SC to Titusville, FL and she needs a couple of hearty crew to join. Planning to leave about 10 - 11 December and sail offshore 24/7 IF Mother Nature cooperates, with the 275 NM normally taking about 54 hours in a combination of sailing and motor sailing. So 2 nights at sea (which can be cold) and arriving around Friday or Saturday the 13th or 14th. Crew must to be able to stand watch alone, normally doing 3 hours on; 6 hours off. In the past 20 years the owner has sailed Marion Maid for well over 10,000 miles with many offshore passages from Nova Scotia to the Bahamas. Upon arrival in FL, he will rent a car to drive crew members to the Orlando airport and eventually drive back to Charleston. Crew is welcome to come to Charleston early to enjoy the Holy City for a day or so. If interested please answer the below questions and email them to XXXXX@XXXX ,” 1, What offshore sailing have you done in the past? 2, Do you get seasick (it can be very "lumpy"), and if yes, what do you take to counter that? 3, You would be responsible for any travel expenses to and from the boat, but all on-board costs are covered. OK? 4, Do you have any dietary, allergy or physical concerns? If yes what? What medication, if any, do you take? 5, What foods or beverages, if any, do you not like to eat or can not consume? 6, We may have a glass of wine with dinner, but no hard spirits are consumed underway. Your Preferred beverages: __ Coffee __ Tea ___Decaf ___Cocoa ___Seltzer __Water, Soda and type _________ 7, Age__ Height___ Weight___ Legal Name___________________ Preferred Nickname_ 8, Do you have your own safety harness. ___yes ___no 9, Do you have your own personal strobe. ___yes ___no 10, Do you have your own sleeping bag that you will bring. ___yes ___no 11, Any Special Comments or Questions? NB: Marion Maid's INREACH will be on and we also have a Personal Locator Beacon aboard INREACH has text capability anywhere in the world and SOS/location ability. Family members can follow the INREACH map online to see real time track. Safety gear aboard includes a 4 man liferaft, jack lines, spare harnesses and all necessary USCG required gear.