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Newport, RI
Amel 53

OPO e-mail # 19-76 Here is another opportunity on another Amel 53, a very fin...

10/26/2019 from Newport, RI to Martinique on a Amel 53

OPO e-mail # 19-76 Here is another opportunity on another Amel 53, a very fine offshore cruising vessel. But this is in the NARC Rally. OPOOPO has gotten crew from us before and even wrote his own crew request copying some if the text from previous crew requests we have sent out for him. I can tell you here and you will read that OPOOPO loves his boat and wants crew that will take care of the boat as if it were your own (A good policy to fallow all the time). So OPOOPO does need crew that have some offshore experience. OPOOPO is a very nice man and if he seems picky about his crew it is because he loves his boat. I would sail with him anytime. He e-mails: “Boat owner and captain OPOOPO is looking for one and possibly two experienced off-shore crew for his annual trip south with the NARC. OPOOPO has owned this boat since new and takes pride in ownership and keeping things proper and shipshape. OPOOPO has gotten crew from us before. He does expect the crew to be easy on the boat and treat it like they would their own home. OPOOPO does a good job of describing himself and the boat so we copied and pasted his request. He will likely stop in Bermuda for fuel and will stay for a few days. The Amel 53 is a very easy boat to sail and very comfortable. If interested please e-mail OPOOPO at XXXXX@XXXX . Ideal Crew On about Oct 25th, I plan to sail from Newport, RI to Martinique. My boat is LADYBUG, a well found, fully equipped 53 Amel ketch. I will stop in Bermuda for a few days. The trip to Bermuda is likely 5 days and the trip to Martinique is likely 7-10 days. The trip could take several days longer or less depending on the strength of the Azores/Bermuda high and the trade winds south of Bermuda and on whether we stop at some other islands along the way. I have a dock reservation in Martinique starting on the 20th of November. In Martinique, the crew will be welcome to stay a few days on the boat at its berth at the marina in the village of Le Marin. I will require a sailing resume and references. The crew will share a two bunk state room and head. I will provide the food and costs during the voyage. My ideal crew of two would have the following characteristics: 1. Physically fit and healthy (not over-weight), no blood thinner medicines, 2. No problem with seasickness (this is important.), 3. No special diet, 4. No smoking, and this is a dry boat-until arrival, 5. Must be experienced in off-shore sailing, each person will do a solo watch. 6. Follow instructions and ask questions. The Amel is a complex machine. Amel will not allow new owners to take their boat until they have spent about 7 full days with an Amel employee learning how to sail and take care of the boat. 7. Be familiar with mechanical things and modern navigation equipment. 8. Be interested in many things, don’t be a fanatic of any kind. 9. Share the food preparation and cleaning. I had the boat built in La Rochelle in 1998. I have sailed it approximately 60,000 miles. This includes 3 transatlantic trips, numerous times to Bermuda and the Caribbean down to Trinidad and up to Canada, from England to the Mediterranean and all over the Mediterranean during the 8 years that I lived on the boat in Port Grimaud in southern France. I replaced the boat engine 3 years ago and the rigging last winter. Last winter, the electric motors for the sail controls and the motors for the two auto-helms were rebuilt. The sails were new last year.