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OPO e-mail # 19-73 OPOOPO and repeat NAR OPOOPO participant OPOOPO is looking...

10/26/2019 from Newport to Bermuda on a Swan

OPO e-mail # 19-73 OPOOPO and repeat NAR OPOOPO participant OPOOPO is looking for two crew for the first leg from Newport to Bermuda only. Mike has a Hinckley 48 that he has sailed between OPOOPO and the Caribbean many times in the Rally. He has gotten crew from us before and has other repeat OPO members sailing with him on this trip. He will have 4 crew in total so the two new crew will be replaced by repeat OPO crew in Bermuda plus the one OPO member making both legs who you will meet and sail with the first leg. This is an example of how OPO can work and we call a success story. If you meet a boat owner through OPO and you get along well, then the next time he makes an offshore passage he/she will first e-mail you before contacting OPO for a crew they do not know. One option for any new OPO crew sailing with Mike would be to try and get on a 2nd boat for the 2nd leg in Bermuda or to play it safe and pay for the 2nd leg of the OPOOPO and finish the NAR OPOOPO to St. Maarten. Of course first you have to contact Mike and see if he will invite you for the first leg. The first leg is free with all onboard expenses included, but you need to get to and from the boat and have money for shore side meals and drinks outside of the rally social schedule. If interested please e-mail Mike at XXXXX@XXXX