Crew Seeking Boats and Offshore Experience

If you would like to Crew for a Boat in the Race or Crew on the Post-Race Passage Home

If you are looking to get on a boat in the race or on a boat sailing back after the race we are happy to add you to the address book. You will then receive all the "crew requests" we get from any of the participants in the NBR looking for crew. This service is free to you. We will not share or give your e-mail address to anyone else. Please note that there may not be a lot of boat owners looking for crew to race with since most people wish to race and practice with people they know. More often we get "crew requests" to crew the boats back after the race. Expect some "crew requests" to come weeks or even just days before the race since there are usually some crew that have to drop out on short notice because of an emergency at home. Make sure you have a sea bag packed.

If you are a passionate sailor and wish to expand your offshore sailing options to more than just once every other year, then we encourage you to take a closer look at what we offer our membership.  If you have the desire to sail offshore more, have the basic sailing skills required to be useful, have time off and the means to get to and from boats, then we can provide quality offshore passage opportunities all year long. Many people get their sailing needs provided by OPO without having to buy an offshore ready boat. Join online or call for more information.