Membership Information

Once you become a member in "Offshore Passage Opportunities" we will send you a survey to fill out and return so we will have information about you, where you wish to travel, and what type of arrangements you are looking for. Also, boat owning OPO members must fill out another survey so we have basic information about the vessel. Once a member, you can simply call 1-800-4PASSAGE anytime to let us know what your crewing needs are.

As a member you will receive our monthly "Notices to OPO Mariners". These notices provide information on the opportunites available, where a particular boat is going and what arrangements the captain is looking for, but most importantly the "Notices to OPO Mariners" make the owners name, email and/or telephone number available so you can call them right away. Paid E-mail members receive additional short notice opportunities that are posted on our Message Board regularly.

We also offer at no additional cost personal attention to members who are truly ready to travel (meaning on short notice). At your request we can put you on the short notice board. We will call you immediately when an offshore passage opportunity arises that we think will fit what you are looking for. During the busy season we often get calls for good sailing opportunities on short notice because of last minute cancellations due to an unforseen emergency. We encourage our membership to keep in touch with us.

Sign up now for just a $199.00 membership fee and begin to chart your course towards an offshore passage opportunity; today!

For more information please call us at 1-800-472-7724