Helping Boat Owners Find Crew

Boat Owner Seeking Crew for the Race Down, or for the Return Passage after the Race

To hear from potential qualified crew simply tell us more about the crew position you are looking to fill and how experienced the crew should be. Usually, owners wish to race with crew they know and practice with. In years past our service primarily offered volunteer crew for the return passage. Part of our new sponsorship is also helping connect race crew for the race to Bermuda. Anyone who wishes to look for a racing crew berth can also use our service. Inquiring crew will be added to the pool of potential crew for free. We will send your "crew request" to them. If they are interested in joining you they will respond by e-mail only with their written sailing resume. Since everyone checks their e-mail often, you will hear back from potential crew within 24 to 48 hours.

We will help you prepare a crew request. Think about what you would want to know if you were going to join a boat for an offshore passage. You would want to know more about the boat, the skipper and the other crew. Tell us how much you may wish to practice with the new crew or if you just need a body or two for the return passage. Most crew do not want to take the extra time off from work or time home to make the return passage.

Below is a sample "crew request" (#21-117) that we already sent out for one participant recently (minus name and contact information.) If possible, we like to speak with the owner or skipper to better understand and meet your crew needs. Please call me at 631-423-4988 or better yet e-mail at