2019 is the 20th Anniversary of the NARC Rally

NARC Rally Overview

The NARC Rally started in 2000 when organizer Hank Schmitt was moving a fleet of Swans from Newport, RI to the French side of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Since Hank was in charge of providing 10 skippers and crew to move the fleet he decided to invite other boats to join in an organized rally departing from Newport in the Fall. We have made the annual passage ever since.

2019 is the 20th Anniversary of the NARC Rally.

We have a special program and new ways to celebrate this year. Some of them are still being planned but we have included a preliminary itinerary form you. If you are not sure where you should depart from please look at our detailed plans about sailing south from the USA each fall. We have added a departure from Little Creek Virginia for those living aboard and who do not wait in New England during September and October and want to spend October in the Chesapeake Bay and seeing the Annapolis Boat Show. You can join the fleet towards the end of the month in Little Creek at the bottom of the bay and right next to the exit to the Atlantic Ocean.

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