2020 NARC Rally Dates Announced!

NARC Rally Overview

The NARC Rally started in 2000 when organizer Hank Schmitt was moving a fleet of Swans from Newport, RI to the French side of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Since Hank was in charge of providing 10 skippers and crew to move the fleet he decided to invite other boats to join in an organized rally departing from Newport in the Fall. We have made the annual passage ever since.

2021 NARC Rally: What's Changed

While we are not organizing an official 21st NARC Rally this season, we will be running our Swan Program from Newport to St. Maarten with a planned stop in Bermuda. We will allow others boats to join us as long as they know we are not responsible if countries close up because of a second wave of infections in the United States. We can all hope a vaccine is available this winter to allow more freedom of access once we get to the Caribbean after the New Year. But expect to see restrictions to join as crew on any boat. It is the responsibility of the skipper to make sure crew comply with entry requirements that may be fluid this season as it was last spring.

If you think you may wish to invite people to sail with you as crew this season, please call or e-mail and we can talk about your options.