Just for Yacht Brokers


Before launching Offshore Passage Opportunities, I was an affiliate member of YBAA and attended the Annual meetings back in the day. Then, business was good and we met in Annapolis/Newport/Florida and even in Memphis one year. When the association transitioned to regional meetings, I had to step back. Since 1993, Offshore Passage Opportunities has been matching delivery crews with crew for delivery skippers or new boat owners. I, myself, have been a delivery skipper going back to the Stamford boat show days in the 1980s.


As you know, a normal delivery crew is three people where the owner pays for the crew and their travel expenses. This can get expensive. Using OPO, we can provide free crew who will pay their own way to and from the boat—saving a substantial amount of money. Since our members volunteer for free, you can take an extra crew just in case one drops out. The captain still gets paid, but the crew volunteer for free. Plus, you get the added benefit of meeting new people who are volunteering for free because many of them are looking to buy a boat in the future. In this way they can check out different boats and become an educated buyer.

Some skippers will still want to bring a paid 1st mate along during a long offshore passage so they can sleep with both eyes shut. This makes perfect sense. But you can still get a free 3rd person and even take a free 4th person if the boat is big. It only costs a few more dollars for provisions. And if one of the crew drops out at the last minute, you still have a full crew of three to satisfy the insurance requirements to move a boat.As an added bonus, many OPO members are planning to buy a boat in the future so they will not only get more sailing on the kind of boats you sell, but you can ask them for their contact information and stay in touch until they are ready. At worst, you are helping the sailing public learn more and fall in love with the lifestyle and further their dream of buying a boat. We always say we want to get more butts in boats to sell more boats. This is a great way to help live that motto.

Contact Us

Our Crew Network system is very easy to use. Just let us know the details and we will let our 400 + members know the details. They will e-mail you their sailing resume within 24 to 48 hours. It is as simple as that.

Simply contact us at offshorepassage@sprintmail.com. If I am offshore my wife sends out the notices. If I am ashore you can reach me at 1-800-4-PASSAGe (800-472-7724), but if it is the busy season, it is best to e-mail as you will likely get my voicemail.