Moving Charter Boats More Affordably
Selling More Charters


In 1998 we were moving the Swan Charter Fleet between their winter base in St. Maarten and the summer base in Newport RI. We did this for seven years for FREE until they closed up shop in Anse Marcel SXM. We have been offering free crew to delivery skippers moving boats from South Africa, France and Charleston, SC for many years. We can help move new boats from the factory, shuffle boats between bases, and help your clients who are buying older boats as you update your fleets. Sometimes by telling them about OPO, you help complete the sale as they may be clueless as to how to get their new boat home.


As you know, a normal delivery crew is three people where the owner pays for three crew and their travel expenses. This can get expensive. Using OPO, we can provide free crew who will pay their own way to and from the boat so you or your client save a lot of money. Since our members volunteer for free, you can take an extra crew just in case one drops out. The captain still gets paid, but the crew volunteer for free.

The bonus is you expose more sailors to your ownership program and charter operation. By using one or two (or more) free crew to help your pro staff or delivery skippers, they learn about your company.


As a thank you for their help, why not offer the crew a $500 or $1,000 coupon towards a week charter aboard one of your boats? You not only save money on the delivery, you introduce more potential clients to your company. What better way to sell a boat to an owner who wants to put it in your program by offering to take crew on a delivery as a 2nd or 3rd crew? Several OPO members bought used Swans after sailing in our Swan Offshore Program which is still going 20 years later. In summary: use our services and earn more business. Remember our service is FREE to you.

Contact Us

Our Crew Network system is very easy to use. Just let us know the details and we will let our 400 + members know the details. They will e-mail you their sailing resume within 24 to 48 hours. It is as simple as that.

Simply contact us at If I am offshore my wife sends out the notices. If I am ashore you can reach me at 1-800-4-PASSAGe (800-472-7724), but if it is the busy season, it is best to e-mail as you will likely get my voicemail.