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Fundraiser Report

Now that I have returned from our first trip to St. Maarten and Dominica after the devastating hurricanes, I want to report how much we have raised and where the money has been spent -- as promised.

To date we have raised $32,825.00 from 140 donors and spent $24.144.73. That leaves a balance of $8,680.27 earmarked for specific activities.

We wish to extend a special thanks to those who donated money, time and support. Thank you.

Use of Funds

We released the first funds of $6,000 in early October before the Annapolis Boat Show. We saw the opportunity and need to deliver the first two shipments of emergency relief supplies of food and water to Dominica within the first few days after Maria. We supplied money for fuel and supplies to immediately arrive in Dominica.

Within the first few days after the storm, we made our second disbursement of $2,000 in Moneygrams to PAYS and Albert. It is amazing how the Internet can be down, but you can still send money from a CVS to Portsmouth Dominica.

The third disbursement allowed us to send skipper Johnathan Ishmael to St. Maarten on the first commercial flight to the island on Tuesday, October 17, for a five-day fact-finding mission and to distribute cash.

Our next initiative was purchasing generators, power tools and building supplies in the United States, and buying more supplies in St. Maarten (food and water and two more generators) to bring to Dominica aboard Avocation. During that visit from November 16 to 18, we met with members of PAYS, saw Albert and hired a general contractor to rebuild the PAYS Pavilion.

We also started a micro-loan PAYS Credit Union to help some of the Boat Boys get their boats ready for the season. We also distributed some cash to hold folks over until the season gets going.

The balance of the money was used to order the last 30 mooring floats for a total of 50 rigged moorings this season. We only need to raise a small amount of money to finish the project. I will have exact numbers in the next few days as we price out the shipping costs to Miami and then on to Dominica.

Detailed Disbursements

Fuel and Supplies for Flying Buzzard St. Lucia to Roseau Dominica $2,500.00
Fuel and Supplies for Flying Cloud to Portsmouth$2,500.00
Clothes for Odessa$265.60
$1,000 Credit Card: Food for Portsmouth in Martinique Money Gram to Jeff Frank PAYS$1,000.00
Moneygram #1$509.99
Moneygram #2$510.99
Moneygram #3$511.99
Amazon: tarps, solar lights, luci lights $1,125.53
Hammers, rakes etc. $93.47
Moneygram # 4$512.99
Harbor Feight: Tools$413.67
Home Depot: Building Supplies$702.49
Harbor Freight: Generators$1,260.62
10/10/17 - 10/12/17
Johnathan’s trip to St. Maarten$3,616.42
Cash distributed in St. Maarten (See list of recipients)$735.00
Money spent in St. Maarten for generators and food for Dominica$3,175.97
11/16/17 - 11/17/17
Cash distributed in Dominica (list includes Boat Boy: $900; Credit Union Fund: $1,000; School: $300; Max: $100; Special: $910)$3,210.00
Cash to contractor to repair PAYS roof$1,500.00