Hurricane Maria was devastating
Lives in Dominica are up-ended
People need food, water and shelter
A mooring field will rebuild lives in Dominica

Rebuild Lives and a Mooring Field in Portsmouth, Dominica

The island, people and economy of Dominica have been ravaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Without your help, our friends and the Island of Dominica will take decades to recover -- if at all.

We are asking those who are in a position to help to contribute to the relief and Mooring Field effort. This will help those who live in Portsmouth to have reliable access to water, food and electricity -- the basic essentials of life. And once they are back on their feet, we will complete the Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (or PAYS) Mooring Field enabling sailors to visit Dominica and spur the local economy. Without the  PAYS Mooring Field and visitors, the hardship in Dominica will be fierce and sustained.

Dominica is an unspoiled Caribbean island with lush forests, breath-taking scenery, wonderful people and beautiful blue cruising waters. For those who sail, it's majestic and a wonderful winter "home."

In fact as sailors, Portsmouth has been our winter home for more than a decade.

Dedicated to Dominica, we have been helping Portsmouth construct a Mooring Field to welcome sailors from around the globe. And since the hurricanes, our OPO Members have raised more than $15,000 to help rebuild lives in Dominica.

But completing the PAYS Mooring Field is essential to rebuilding lives and the economy of Dominica and Portsmouth. The residents desperately need our help to rebuild their lives and the local economy.

Will you please help?

We are Conscientious Stewards of Donations

All donations are carefully managed and the distribution of funds is diligently recorded. See how we have managed our past donations and how they made a measurable impact for those in Dominica and St. Maarten.