2020 Annual Yachtie Appreciation Week

2020 Annual Yachtie Appreciation Week

March 12 to March 25 will be the 5th Annual Yachtie Appreciation Week celebrating the mooring field in Portsmouth Dominica.

YAW History

The first year of the YAW 25 boats showed up which was a good turnout since only 10 new moorings were in place. The 2nd year there was 102 boats. Last year’s storm ravished fleet of cruisers diminished to the number to 72 boats.

2020 Expectations

We expect to have a strong turnout in 2020. However PAYS encourages boats to visit all year long and pick up a new mooring at a bargain price of $10 per night. The money goes to pay for a security boat to go around at night.

Dominica is a unique island that you want to go ashore and explore. However boat owners and crew will not leave their boat of they think there is bad holding ground or the mooring is suspect. Also if they think their boats will be boarded and robbed they will not stray far from the anchorage. With the new mooring field and security under the PAYS organization, you can feel comfortable taking a tour of the island, planning a dive through the local Dive Shop, or leaving the boat for the day to walk one of the 14 trails.

Unfortunately, availability for this trip is full but we are accepting Wait List requests.