Delivering the goods to Dominica

Revitalizing Dominica with New Deliveries

While many of the skippers and crew we either celebrating their arrival in the Caribbean or licking their wounds depending on their experience, at least one skipper was not done yet and was thinking to the future Caribbean season down island.

New Dive Compressor

Hank Schmitt, who organized the NARC Rally, had a three day turn-around to finish stocking up and bringing things to friends in Portsmouth Dominica. He left St. Maarten November 14th to deliver things in time to fly home the next week for the American Thanksgiving holiday. First on the list was a new Aiken Dive Compressor for Dive Master and Dive shop owner Fabien Honore in Portsmouth Dominica. This past August Fabien e-mailed Hank asking him if he could pick up a dive compressor in Newark NJ, not too far away from Hank's Long Island New York home. That one word yes, turned into a six week logistical adventure lugging the 140 lb skid mounted machinery in a car and then by boat for the next several weeks lashed below to the main salon table. Miraculously there was not a scratch to the interior teak or the compressor during the 1,700 miles delivery by sea. We are happy to announce that there is now a fully operational Dive Shop in Portsmouth Dominica.

Paint and Mooring Lines

We also dropped off some bottom paint to paint the 30 new moorings to complete the mooring field. The 30 new moorings are numbered and has PAYS written on the side. As we go to press new mooring lines are being shipped to the island and we expect the entire new mooring field to be in place by the 4th Annual Yachtie Appreciation Week March 10th to 17th 2019.

Helping Restaurants with New Gear

During the quick 36 hour stop in Dominica we also consulted with Jeff Frank, President of PAYS, about his new "Seabird Bar and Grill" that will be open this season. The new equipment was already in place. Andrew O'Brien, also known as Cobra, is taking back his "Bush Bar" at the head if the Indian River, to offer a few more amenities to those that make it to the "Heart of Darkness: up the Indian River.

Many sailors have been bypassing Portsmouth Dominica over the years. Now you have more reasons than even to stop in and see the changes and how PAYS is working to make this a number one stop for eco-tourism in the Caribbean.