Visit and Enjoy Dominica

Visit Dominica and Enjoy the Revitalization

Dominica is an unspoiled Caribbean island with lush forests, breath-taking scenery, wonderful people and beautiful blue cruising waters. For those who sail, it's majestic and a wonderful winter "home." In fact as sailors, Portsmouth has been our winter home for more than a decade. Dedicated to Dominica, we have been helping Portsmouth construct a Mooring Field to welcome sailors from around the globe.

2024 Caribbean Sailing Events

Heineken Regatta: February 26 to March 4, 2024

Our 19th Heineken Regatta Monday, February 26, to Monday, March 4: One week in the sun. One day of practice and four race days. This is the cruising division using white sails. We do not fly a spinnaker. But we do have fun. You can stay aboard the boat (a requirement of the "Island Time" division is to have some crew living aboard) or you can stay ashore in very nice shoreside accommodations with a pool. Up to three members can bring a non-sailing spouse. The crew staying aboard come up to the pool most days for diner and a swim. There is a discounted price for staying aboard and a premium price for staying ashore depending on if you wish the master suite or just a bed. A non-sailing spouse is welcome to join us and stay ashore and enjoy the regatta with us. My wife will be staying ashore and will have a car some days to tour the island. The price includes ground transportation to get between the boat and the villa. We all chip in $200 to start for drinks and meals in the house and on the boat. We take turns cooking in the house and have maid service three times. We often have money left over for the final meal Sunday night after the awards in the Heineken Race Village. Over the years we have perfected a format that works well for all and is priced very well considering you are sailing on a Swan 48 for 5 days and staying in a very nice private villa with a pool overlooking St. Barts. Three of the six bedroom have a private bath while two rooms share bathrooms in a private two-bedroom apartment with kitchen with one bedroom that can sleep three crew. We will all eat in the big dining room up in the main house.

Ocean Pearl (6-bedroom villa): February 26, to March 4 2024

Price to stay on the boat (2 crew in private cabin) $2,250 each (includes car to get to villa to join us for meals and a swim). Stay in the ailla. Shared Bath $2,750 (2 rooms). Private Bath (2 rooms) $3,000 One Master Suite $3,500. Twin Beds in suite $2,500 (2 beds). Rooms with private baths accommodations with king or queen beds and master room can include a spouse for only an extra $500 for the week (plus $200 per person for food). So up to three spouses can join us.

Dominica, PAYS Dominica Yachting Festival: March 20 to April 3, 2024

2nd Annual PAYS Dominica Yachting Festival

Arrive SXM (Sint Maarten) March 20 and fly home from SXM Tuesday afternoon, April 2, or Wednesday, April 3. We sail to Dominica Friday, March 22, and will be in Dominica Saturday, March 23, until we leave Sunday, March 31, or the morning of Monday, April 1. Come join us for two weeks sailing from St. Maarten to Dominica where we will spend a full nine days participating in the PAYS Dominica Yachting Festival. Two crew stay aboard the boat with me (Private Cabin) and three or four crew stay ashore at Mango Cottages for our 9 day stay in Dominica. There is a different price for staying ashore since you pay for your accommodations ashore directly to Eddison and Sylvia. We have been stayjng with them for the past eight years during the week. Google "Mango Cottages Dominica" to see more. Cathy has stayed twice and they are comfortable with full baths and internet. We also rent a car to get to and from the house which the crew staying in the house chip in for even though I make the reservations locally for the car. There is a fun race midweek to Mero and back on Thursday, but most of the time we will be in Portsmouth Dominica touring the island and taking part in the organized events of the week.

Price for two crew who will stay aboard with me $2,500 per person

Price to sail down with us and stay ashore $2,000 plus paying for accommodations. Studio is $92 per night and sharing the house with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths is half of $147 per night. There is a 10% discount since we stay longer than a week and we are repeat guests. There is an option to have a spouse join and stay in the bouse. They can fly down on a direct flight from Miami on American Airlines. I can tell you more if you are interested.

2nd Annual PAYS Dominica Yachting Festival

We only have 5 berths for OPO members to sail aboard Avocation. Three of the 5 stay ashore for the 2nd Annual PAYS Dominica Yachting Festival March 23 to March 31. Others are invited to visit by air and stay ashore nearby. If you are fortunate enough to have a boat or friends with a boat in the Caribbean make sure they know about visiting Dominica and in particular joining us for the event this winter.

I am writing and article for the Caribbean Compass (which is a free monthly newspaper type publication found all over the Caribbean and online). I will include the article in the January 1st "Notice to OPO Mariners" since it will also be in print by then. New this year is the expansion of the PAYS Model with 10 new moorings in Mero. Mero is a small beach community south of Portsmouth. On Thursday, March 28, of the Festival there will be a race to Mero followed by a party on the beach that afternoon and evening. The next day we sail back to Portsmouth and Toucari Bay for the Street Party Friday night. On Saturday the government usually sponsors a dinner at the Cabrits Fort. PAYS finishes with a Sunday BBQ in the Pavilion Sunday, March 31.


The PAYS Mooring Fields

With a new PAYS Mooring Field, the lives and the economy of Dominica and Portsmouth has been revitalized.

The Mooring Field helps to revitalize Dominica's economy and provides jobs.