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OPO Mission Statement To seek, gather and create, quality offshore passage opportunities for our members.

Offshore Passage Opportunities is the #1 Crew Networking Service in North America. Founded in 1993 OPO has since helped thousands of sailors meet and make successful passages.

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Delivery skippers and private boat owners quickly realize their friends and family have jobs and obligations and can not sail with them. So they call us looking for crew. We collect their information and pass it on to our members to help them get aboard. Since you are helping to deliver a boat, you get to go sailing for free. Many or repeat skippers or members so we pre-qualify a majority of the opportunities for you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities crewing for private boat owners.
  • Opportunities crewing for delivery skippers.
  • Opportunities crewing in a rally or regatta.
  • Gain sea time and experience towards a License.
  • Complete and share your online profile.
  • Keep track of your sea time and sea miles using our automated calculators.
  • Earn Your Captain's License.
  • Meet new like minded people.
  • Free Information for sailors by sailors.
  • Gain experience before buying a boat or sailing off on your own boat.

It is easier to make new friends who sail than it is to teach your friends how to sail.
-- OPO Proverb

For contact information on passages opportunities and to receive new sailing opportunities as they become available, we encourage you to join now. After joining you do not need to visit the web site as we send you the information and contact details. There is a free message board so non-members can view prior opportunities and gauge the type and frequency. If you are interested in any of the passages, then that is a good indication to join.

ATTENTION BOAT OWNERS and DELIVERY SKIPPERS: We offer a free service to boat owners and skippers. We will be happy to help you get free crew that will pay their own way to and from the boat. Normally the owner pays for all onboard food and boat expenses. If you are looking for crew on short notice expect to help pay for some transportation costs if you want to get qualified crew. We reserve the right to refuse to post information if we do not have enough information or feel the passage is unsafe in any way. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

For more information please call us at 1-800-4-PASSAGe

PO Box 2600 Huntington NY 11743

1-800-472-7724                          631-423-4988