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NARC Rally Overview

2014 NARC Rally: Let's Get Ready!

Please check back for additional information regarding the upcoming 2014 NARC Rally.


2014: 15th Annual NARC Rally!

Saturday Nov 1st as the target starting date. Plan to be in Newport at the Newport Yachting Center no later than Thursday October 30th. We have a dinner at Benjamin's across the street Friday Night October 31st.  We will be ready to depart in the best weather window starting Nov 1st

The Rally is restrIcted to Professionally crewed boats or boats that are big enough or fast enough to get to Bermuda in 4 to 4 1/2 days and crewed by experienced crew who have made the passage before. Smaller boats and less experienced sailors should spend September and October heading down to the Chesapeake and check out their boat and systems while they are still close to land. The are two rallies that depart from Hampton Roads Virginia Nov 4th.See the article at the end of this page to read about the other rallies. If you still want to join the rally, but have not made the passage before pleaae feel free to call me and we can talk about your crew options. We may be able to get qualified crew or a skipper to help you get south.

Our Rally is free to veteran offshore sailors and professionally crewed boats. There is no head fee to defray the costs of the socials and to cover general overhead.  Everyone will pay their own dockage and for their own meals and drinks unless otherwise surprised by a sponsor. Of course we get discounts along the way.

If you do not have a boat and would like to join us, you can join OPO and learn about crew passage opportunities. in our Offshore Program or join OPO and see about helping one of the boat owners who may be looking for crew.


Rally participants should arrive in Newport at the Newport Yachting Center anytime the week before Nov 1st and get the $1 per foot rate. In fact if you arrive early call the Newport Yachting Center and tell them you are with the NARC Rally and you might get the better rate earlier as well. Dockage at the Newport Yachting Center is only $1.00 per foot per day the week before the event so you can arrive as early as one wek before the Nov 1st departure. . There will be a skippers meeting Friday afternoon before dinner.

Weather Forecasts

Weather routing will be provided by Ken McKinley from Locus.  He will give us a pre-departue package including waypoints for the Gulf steam. This is the only cost for the rally and each skipper will chip in $100 for the service. Additional udates are available if you wish to sign up for more weather. Ken gives us a weather update each day until we depart. Printed copies will be dirtibutes to all rally participants.

Our Host in Bermuda

In Bermuda we will be hosted by the St. Georges Dinghy and Sports Club. We receive discount dockage, the $35 per head fee is waived. We will have a fish fry when everyone has arrived for about $25 per head and you can pay at the club. 

After filling up on duty free fuel, most boats will head to the final Rally destination of St. Maarten in time for the final Rally party hosted by IGY Marina Group with a special two days of free dockage upon arrival. There is an addiitonal 10% off for as long as you stay in the marina right up through an entire season. Even if you are planning to end your passage in the Virgin Islands or another island, we encourage everyone to come to St. Maarten first. It is the best place to provision in the Caribbean, has the best repair facilities for marine work in the area, and is the easiest and cheapest island for flights.

Signing Up

It is very simple to sign up for the rally. Simply fill out the short form and  e-mail it to me. No fee for crew, but try and get their names to me so we can print a list of everyone.   If you need crew you can use the services of Offshore Passage Opportunities to get free crew that will pay their own way to and from the boat. If you have never made the passage before we would like you to have at least one crew who has made the journey. If you do not have a friend or family member that fits the bill we can help get you someone through Offshore Passage Opportunities.


If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail anytime.

Rally Benefits:

  • Discount dockage in all three ports
  • Free Weather routing
  • Radio Net
  • Fuel Discount
  • Optional Offshore Seminar
  • No Head Tax in Bermuda
  • Socials in Newport (Dinner)
    • Bermuda Fish Fry &  
    • IGY Marina “Start of the Caribbean Season Party”